Electronic Signature Consent

  • "Account" Means The Account You Have With Us Now Or In The Future, Including Ones Which You Open Through The Service
  • "Communications" Means Each Disclosure, Notice, Agreement, Fee Schedule, Statement, Record, Document, Transaction History, Privacy Policies, And Other Information We Provide To You, Or That You Sign Or Submit Or Agree To At Our Request And Any Amendments Thereto.
  • "Service" Means Each And Every Product And Service We Offer That You Apply For, Own, Use, Or Access Using The Internet, A Website, Email, Messaging Services And/Or Software Applications, Either Now Or In The Future. ENotaryLog Has No Liability To You With Respect To Third Party Products And/Or Services Which You Apply For, Use, Or Access Using The Service.
  • “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Provider”, And “ENotaryLog” Means ENotaryLog, LLC, And Each And Every Current And Future Affiliate Of ENotaryLog. The Definition Of A Word Or Words In This Consent To Use Electronic Signatures And Communications (“CESRC”) Shall Not Define The Same Word Or Words In ENotaryLog’s Privacy Policy Or Terms And Conditions, Both Of Which Have Their Own Specific Definitions And Are Separate And Distinct Documents From This CESRC. Likewise, Any Word Or Words Which Are Not Defined In This CESRC But Are Defined In ENotaryLog’s Privacy Policy And/Or Terms And Conditions Shall Not Be So Defined Herein. Further, References To ENotaryLog’s Privacy Policy And/Or Terms And Conditions In This CESRC Shall Not Be Utilized To Interpret Any Term Or Provision In Either The Privacy Policy And/Or The Terms And Conditions.

1. Your Consent To Use Electronic Records And Signatures; Method Of Providing Communications To You In Electronic Form; Choosing To Receive Communications Electronically;

in our sole discretion, the Communications we provide to you, or that you sign or agree to at our request, may be in electronic form (“Electronic Records”). We may also use electronic signatures and obtain them from you as part of our transactions with you
By consenting to the use of electronic signatures, you agree that eNotaryLog may use electronic signatures in connection with your transactions with us. You agree that we may provide you with any and all Communications in electronic format. Your consent to receive electronic Communications and transactions includes: (a) Opening an Account or obtaining an eNotaryLog Service; (b) All legal and regulatory disclosures and Communications associated with the Account or the product or service available through the Service for your Account; (c) Notices or disclosures about a change in the terms of your Account or associated payment feature and responses to notices or requests from you; (d) our separate Privacy Policy and notices; and (e) Account statements for your Account or such other such Communications we may include from
time to time as part of the participation in the eNotaryLog Services including electronic notifications. Related documents may include marketing documentation and documentation required to be provided to you pursuant to regulatory rules, such as privacy notices and other important information regarding your Account. Via Email

We may always, in our sole discretion, provide you with any Communication in writing, even if you have chosen to receive it electronically.

There may be certain Communications that by law we are not permitted to deliver to you electronically, even with your consent. So long as required by law, we will continue to deliver those Communications to you in writing. However, if the law changes in the future and permits any of those Communications to be delivered as Electronic Records, this consent shall automatically cover those Communications as well.