Benefits of Remote Online Notarization

Remote online notarization is an essential process that hinders fraud, to ensure that a document used for transactions is legit and trusted by individuals. 

The process of notarization is conducted by a Notary Public, approved by the state so as to maintain, vet, and certify correct records for a transaction that has been allowed by the state to be notarized, like legal, real property, and financial transactions. The process will make sure that the whole process is legit, the signature is real, and that whoever signed the document acted without intimidation and bias.

However, most of the employees are working remotely; this makes the notarization process difficult. If those remotely notarized documents may be in your company workflow, is here to help.

Taking into consideration the modern crisis that firmly promotes people to shelter in a place, most states are on the verge of revising their RON (remote online notarization) restrictions so as to allow people to use remote online methods to remotely carry out business.

A great example of this type of method is the Electronic Notarization method. By using advanced audio-video conferencing technology, enable people to carry out remote notarization in various states.

This article will highlight how customers may use the platform as one of the preferred solutions to promote the use of this method in the supported areas. All notaries and customers are bound to adhere to all state regulations governing notarization, as stated by Emergency Executive Orders and any other official guidance.

Remote online Notarized States

Some states can have conditions that are likely to limit the use of LiveNotary in several conditions. It is recommendable to first enquire with your legal counsel to decide if LiveNotary is appropriate for your transaction.

LiveNotary, together with Remote Online Notarization, enables you to acquire a notarized document from virtually anywhere, signifying you are in a position to do any business with no face-to-face interactions.

Before you start this process, it is vital if your company comprehends the notary regulation and rules of your state authority. The Notary is accountable for the recording of the session, verification of the signer, and to ensure all state regulations are followed pertaining to remote online notarization.

In order to meet the standards of new Remote Online Notarization rules, LiveNotary is using web conferencing software that is legalized as per your jurisdiction.

The LiveNotary platform is using the features below.

  • The capability of recording the session
  • Capability to screen share the documents to witnesses during signing
  • The ability to control passing remotely so as for both parties may be to sign this document electronically.

Final thought

It is essential for Notary to ensure they keep on following all state notarization regulations placed by the state to make sure the notarization process is useful. Web conferencing software, integrated with LiveNotary, may help the Notary execute his or her notarization duties more securely and efficiently.

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